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Top 10 Single Mother Blogs

As a single mother, it is very helpful to get advice, support and backing from people who experience similar situations. Our Top 10 Single Mother Blogs provide you with an easy opportunity to receive excellent support and advice. Being a single parent is one of the most difficult situations in life. Hearing how other single mothers cope with, and handle circumstances, will encourage and reassure any single mom.

Here are our top 10 single mother blogs with a short description about each of them:

As pepper adds spice to food, so do children add spice to life as a single mother. All single mothers, their children and their topsy-turvey lives are reflected in this blog. New articles appear approximately twice weekly. The archives are full of interesting topics and incidents that will help any single mother see the humor of her situation and reduce her stress level.

This blog is written sometimes in fairly crude language by a 38 year-old single mom of a five-year-old daughter. She went through many bad experiences, a bitter divorce and custody battle. Her self-esteem was badly shaken, but through it all, she learned to stand up for herself and her daughter. If you are a victim of an extramarital affair or abuse, this could be the right choice of blog for you to follow.

Dresden writes of her journey as a single mother in her blog. Her son was born in 2009. This blog is a place to turn to when you need to talk about your problems. She shares about the good times, the stress and the hard times she experiences as a working single mom.

Jennifer eventually got divorced when her twin daughters were only a year-and-a-half old. She is still struggling with her previous husband to maintain a positive relationship with his daughters. She has since married a man who also has children from a previous marriage, and they now have a new baby of their own.

Single parents’ honesty, inspiration and humor all contribute to the success of this blog. A single parent dating service is combined with the blog.

This follows the real-life story and inspirational journey of a single mother, or, more importantly, a single woman, from single motherhood to a new relationship with a single dad. Her struggle between the need to work and have time for her child when he needed her, is typical of the lives of many single parents. She now runs her own business from home.

D A Wolf is the author of this blog. She is a writer, traveler and single mom of two college student sons. Her blog spills over withher exuberant capacity to live life to the full. She writes about a multitude of topics including many of the strange questions we are afraid to ask, but all do ask ourselves about life and living.

This blog follows the personal growth and changes in the life of a single mother. Melysa’s journey from wild indiscretions and alcohol abuse to a place where she has found herself, or, as she puts it, she has progressed “from wanting someone to being someone”. The strength, courage and tenacity of this “sassy” single mother will inspire and entertain you.

Jenny is a single mom with a difference. She is a 38 year-old single mom by choice with the help of donor sperm. By her own confession, she is disorganized. Her “inner circle” includes a number of nearby family members. She has two sons, two dogs, and is living with her father. You will find many tips and entertaining stories in this blog post.

As Crissi puts it, she is a “chauffeur, chef, referee, motivator, tutor, ATM machine, cheerleader ….” All single moms will identify with this description. Throughout all the trials and tribulations, single motherhood remains a joyful adventure for her.

Reading any of these blogs will not only give any single mom plenty of food for thought, but you will discover new friends, mentors and hilarious humor. If you can relate specifically to any of the above blogs, follow them, become a contributor to the mix and enjoy the support and release of frustration they will provide. These top 10 single mother blogs have many followers, large archives with advice on almost anything your family might come up with, and plenty of answers to questions you pose. This is a great way of being supported in your endeavors to be the best mom you can be. When you join any of these blogs, your experiences added to the mix will make the top 10 single mother blogs even more meaningful to future readers. Make new friends, contribute, read and enjoy!

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