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Scholarships for Women

One of the most freeing and satisfying things as a woman is to improve your educational qualifications so you can really compete with the best in your career. There are a phenomenal number of scholarships for women available. Maybe you have never had the opportunity to complete your education, or there was never enough finance available for you to pursue the career of your choice. Maybe it has never occurred to you that you could be assisted in this way. The good news is, it is never too late! Check out all the categories of scholarships for women we have listed, and see what might help you.

1. Nursing Scholarships for Women

Nursing is one of the most rewarding professions. There is currently a great shortage of nurses worldwide. Many scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate nursing training have been made available to counteract this. If you are a qualified nurse, you should seriously think of applying for a scholarship to specialize in your favourite field. It will not only be personally rewarding, but will also improve your chances of promotion. Many nursing grants are available from Federal Government. There are also many State and locally funded scholarships.

Many of the universities offer either campus or online programs with plenty of hands-on experience. Studies can be arranged to suit your own pace if you have other commitments. There is even an Air Force nursing scholarship program if you are interested in a career in the Armed Forces. The American Nurses Association website would be the best place to begin your search for a scholarship for nursing.

2. Business Grants for minority women

Most government grants are given to non-profit organizations to help businesses in their own communities. Small grants are available for things like advertising. Government does not usually offer grants to start up a business. There are small private grants available for starting a business. If you already own a business, and you would
like to expand it, then there are Federal grants available.

When applying for a business grant, you must always have a detailed business plan available. You would also have to produce your financial reports and expansion plans. It would probably be worthwhile getting a
professional person to write the reports for you. You would also have to have papers to certify that you are the owner of the business.
The Small Business Association (SBA) website is the best place to look for opportunities for grants.

3. Volleyball Scholarships for Women

If you are a good volleyball player, there is a possibility that you could qualify for a volleyball scholarship. Not all universities offer athletic scholarships. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), sponsors some volleyball scholarships. Scholarships
can be awarded to a specific person or split between several players. The coach decides. Scholarships are fairly limited.
In order to qualify for a volleyball scholarship you should:
* Contact the college coach before applying
* Find out what skills the coach is specifically looking for
* You need to be fast and athletic
* Have excellent skills in volleyball (be able to jump high, hit hard
and be good at serving, attacking, passing and blocking)
* Attend a volleyball camp to expose yourself to the coach.
* Be a specialist in one position

4. PhD Scholarships for Women

PhD scholarships are only available at some qualifying universities. Most only apply to students who have already completed their first PhD study year successfully. The study is very demanding and only a limited number of scholarships are available. PhD requires hard work and a lot of personal initiative. Some universities offer scholarships
especially for post graduate studies or Masters degrees in subjects like Communication Disorders and Speech and Language Therapy.
Google offers PhD scholarships in various aspects of computer science:
* Mobile Computing
* Programming Technology
* Computer security
* Natural Language Processing
* Market Algorithms
* Human Computer interaction
* Computer Architecture
* Networking.
You will need to go through your university department to apply for these scholarships.

5. Law School Scholarships for Women

A number of scholarships are available for women to study Law, especially for students with financial needs. Many private scholarships and the Yale University student grants are awarded to outstanding undergraduate or postgraduate students. The Humane Studies Fellowship and Mary A McCarthy Memorial Fund offer help to students whose aim it is to deal
with the rights of “underdogs” or minority groups or to improve society as a whole.
Contacting the Federal Circuit Bar Association or Yale University would be good places to begin your search for a Law Scholarship.

6. Engineering Scholarships for Women

There are an increasing number of scholarships being made available to women wanting to study in the previously male dominated fields such as engineering and business studies. These specific scholarships are intended to help women with leadership abilities to prepare for top jobs in their fields. Your grade points have to be high to qualify for these
awards. You cannot apply if you are already receiving a scholarship from another source.
The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) or the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) would be a good place to begin your search for an engineering scholarship.

7. Graduate School Scholarships for Women

These scholarships are not so readily available. If you are employed, it would be worth finding out if your employer would consider helping fund your postgraduate studies. Many colleges are prepared to help once you have enrolled with them. You are more likely to get a scholarship for graduate studies if you study in a field such as research, nursing,
science or teaching.
Bill and Miranda Gates offer many scholarships, especially for low-income families and disadvantaged minorities.

8. MBA Scholarships for Women

Women are becoming more and more known and noticed for their success in business. If you are a businesswoman, you need to think about what an MBA could do to further your career and give you that extra competitive edge. Many MBA scholarships specifically available for women, are aimed at preparing woman for leadership positions in the business world. The
increased number of scholarships in this field is to correct the gender imbalance of top business people. An MBA is a very versatile qualification and will help you understand the business management side of any field or even inspire you to start your own business. MBA
graduates are highly paid and in demand.
Check with your College about available scholarships for MBA studies.

9. Science Scholarships for Women

Many large companies offer scholarships for women in science. It is a field where men dominate at present. Women who show leadership qualities and have done well in their studies at school or university, are more likely to be awarded one of these scholarships. The field includes any sciences. Scholarships are often aimed at research to improve living standards and life in general in their communities. Academic abilities are essential for science scholarships.
The best places to begin your search for a science scholarship would be:
The AAUW (American Association of University Women)
The Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship site.
The Google Anita Borg scholarship for computer science and technology is available to both undergraduate and graduate students.
National Science Foundation (NSF)

10. Psychology Scholarships for Women

Studying psychology will open up many career options for you. Human behavior is always fascinating. You can use a psychology degree to practice as a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. Psychology is
also useful for improving skills such as counseling, social work, writing or any profession where you work and interact with people.
Contact the psychology department of your college for possible scholarships.

11. Art Scholarships for Women

Art scholarships can lead you into a very rewarding career. You will need to have natural talent expressing yourself in some way. Photography, drawing or painting, voice, musical instruments and drama are some of the studies available under Arts. Scholarships are not so
readily available. You should contact your college Art Department for possible scholarships.

12. Grants for Women Writers

Grants for women writers are fairly difficult to get. Usually a grant is only given to cover a short period of time, either to write, or to cover the expenses of attending a conference or workshop. “Funds for Writers” is the best place to contact for any grants. Writing competitions also give cash prizes for the best writers.

13. Culinary Scholarships for Women

Food is a big business. Chefs are always in demand. People are eating out more often. Culinary scholarships are becoming more available. After studies, culinary work is not well paid. It would be difficult for you to pay back a loan, so getting a culinary scholarship is important if you are short of money and want to become a chef. If your state has a large tourist population, you will be more likely to be awarded a culinary scholarship. Getting involved in culinary research will give you an edge in qualifying for a culinary scholarship. Culinary schools themselves provide most of the culinary scholarships.
You can also look up Chef 2 Chef or Le Cordon Bleu.

14. Scholarships for Minority Women

We are indeed, living in great times with exceptional opportunities for marginalized groups. If you belong to a minority group, your chances of a scholarship are improved. Some of the groups considered “marginalized” are:
* Black women
* Hispanic women
* Asian women
* Gay women
* Women who have taken a long break in their careers to raise children
* Older women, over 50, or even over 65.

Women over 50 in particular, are encouraged to study. Both undergraduate and postgraduate studies offer scholarships. Minority groups have more funding for scholarships than other women. Minority groups offer support and help for you throughout the time you study and afterwards.

If you, as a woman, are at all interested in furthering your career or improving your lifestyle, then you simply must consider applying for scholarships for women. As you can see, almost every interest is covered. There is sure to be something available to help you fulfill your dreams. Just be sure that you write a good motivational letter, fulfill all the requirements, complete the forms correctly and have all the relevant paperwork when you send in your application. The process of applying for a scholarship does take time. You would be wise to plan ahead and apply in plenty of time.

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