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Saving Money Tips for Single Mom

Single moms are often left with little or no money and have to manage on a very tight budget. “Saving money tips for single mom”, is designed to help you get the most out of what you have. A single mom has to budget for 5 main categories:
* Housing (rent, furniture, heating, utilities, repairs etc)
* Day-to-day living costs (food and clothing)
* Transport (car or bus fees)
* Entertainment (TV, outings, telephone etc)
* Your future (education, financing a house, retirement etc).

Many people have great ideas and advice for saving. Here are some of our quick “saving money tips for single mom” to help you in each of the above categories.

Saving Money Tips for Housing

* Make sure you have no dripping taps – a surprising amount of water is lost when a tap drips
* Use a shower in preference to a bath. You will use less water.
* Switch off any lights or appliances you are not using.
* Wash your clothes in cold water. It saves electric and your clothes last longer too.
* Set your hot water to a lower temperature (45C degrees). You will save a lot on electric bills.
* Never set your house heating above 20 degrees Centigrade in winter. Heating uses a lot of energy.
* Buy furniture and electrical equipment from charity or second-hand shops. Many bargains are available at very low prices. If you     plan your color scheme beforehand, it is amazing how good you can make your house look.
* Find out if you qualify for a grant for housing or large appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators.                                                 *Find cheap car insurance for women can save you up to 800$ a year!


Saving Money Tips for Day-to-Day Living

* Plan, plan, plan! Planning is really the simplest and most important money-saving tip.
* Plan your menus for the week. Only buy what you need for each planned meal.
* Plan your shopping lists. Write down what you need before you leave home. Buy only what is on your list, never allow extras to tempt you.
* Collect coupons for things you use regularly, so you can benefit from discounts.
Shopping tips:
* Eat a good meal before going shopping. This will prevent you spending on snacks or feeling hungry in the store.
* Shop without the children whenever possible, they will always see something they want or need and you will find yourself spending on unplanned extras.
* Only take the amount of cash with you that you think you will need. This will limit temptation.
* For clothing shopping, shop out of season when the sales begin.
* Try to buy gifts when there are sales and put them away till they are needed.
* Make use of Salvation Army and other cheap budget stores. Salvation Army often stock great quality clothing with designer labels at give-away prices.
* Local charities often stock basic groceries at low prices.
* Check if you qualify for a grant to cover living costs.

Saving Money Tips for Transport

If you have a car, make sure it is serviced regularly. Check water, oil and tire pressures whenever you fuel up. It will keep your car running at its most economical level. Remember also, the faster you drive, the more fuel you need.
If you use a bus, plan and budget for your trips. Purchase monthly tickets if you use the bus regularly.

Saving Money Tips for Entertainment

* Think about how much time you spend watching TV or videos and what programs you like to watch. Go for the cheapest packets that will fulfill your needs.
* When thinking of outings for the family, plan fun outings outdoors where possible. Going to the beach or parks works out much cheaper than going to the movies and buying snacks.

Saving Money Tips for Your Future

* Keep a “piggy bank” or jar where you can collect loose change and any extra money you might have spared after shopping. If you stick to this routine, it is surprising how quickly it accumulates. You can
use it for special extras or emergencies.
* Never open accounts. It is so easy to spend extra if you just “write it up”. Accounts give your monthly budget a huge knock when you have to pay the bill.
* Work with cash. If you do not have the cash for something, simply do not buy it.
* Plan to put a tenth of your income aside for the future. Put it into a savings bank.
* If you cannot trust yourself to save, get an insurance policy that you have to pay monthly.
* If you have a bit extra in a month, use it to pay off your credit card or any other debt you might have. The interest on debts is very high. You will save considerable amounts of money simply by paying off your debts faster.

Single moms can learn to become the best money managers there are. It is amazing what a few savings can do for your budget. Not every tip will apply to you, but read through our “saving money tips for single mom”, and see what could be useful in your situation. You will be surprised at how much a little saving here and there will amount to in the end.

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