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Save Money with These Housing Tips for Single Moms

If you are a mother who is raising children on your own, then it’s no surprised you are interesting in  saving with cost housing tips for single moms. Almost every single parent has trouble meeting their household expenses, so there’s no need to feel like you are alone in this situation. Rent and mortgage payments can be among the most costly living expenses for families that are the hardest to meet, regardless of how many sources of income there are in the household. If you are working alone to provide the household for you and your children, then you have an especially difficult burden. That’s why we did the research to provide you with this advice.

Housing Tip for Single Moms #1: Finding Low Rent Properties

One of the best housing tips we have for single moms is to find low rent properties rather than settling for any apartment or house that is for rent in their area. Many parents do not realize how many opportunities could be waiting for them, especially if they are low income households. Looking at the state and federal poverty line and then comparing it to your household income is a good way to determine your eligibility for special housing. In general, you must be 50% below the area median income for your geographic location. You can find this information online by searching.

Section 8 housing is a special type of opportunity that you may have as a single mom, making it one of our top low cost housing tips. You will get a voucher under the Housing Choice Voucher program from the federal government which gives rental assistance to anyone who qualifies. Whatever rent you owe after 30% of your adjusted monthly income is taken out towards the rent is covered by the voucher, up to a certain limit. Contact your local assistance agency or search online for more information about Section 8 housing.

Housing Tip for Single Moms #2: Finding a Low Interest Mortgage

Our next housing tip for single moms has to do with buying rather than renting. If you are looking to buy a home for you and your children, then it’s important to consider the pros and cons over renting. Assuming you have already done this research and feel set about buying a home, then you want to do extensive price-shopping before you settle on a lender and an interest rate. Look for low interest offers that are within your budget. It is not advised that you borrow more than you will be able to afford. While there are federal grants available to help some single moms with housing, these are often reserved for people attending college. Be careful when choosing a mortgage.

Housing Tip for Single Moms #3: Making Your Place Energy Efficient

If you want to save money in a big way, this housing tip for single moms could help you get started in doing so. Over the long run, you probably spend a significant amount on utilities. Electric and gas bills take up a large percentage of the money we spend on our household expenses. There are lots of ways you can save on these bills if you are willing to make some simple changes and stick to them.

Save on gas or electric by:

  •  turning off lights when you aren’t in the room
  •  keeping the thermostat down at night
  •  using energy efficient appliances (microwave, fridge, washer, dryer, etc…)
  •  using energy efficient light bulbs
  •  using less hot water for dishes
  •  taking shorter showers

We hope these housing tips for single moms helped you gain a better perspective of how you could be saving on rent, a mortgage, or utility bills. These are some of the biggest ways we spend our money in the household, so they are great places to start when you want to save money. Be sure to browse the rest of the site when you are ready for more ways to help your family as a single mom.

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