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How to Improve Chances Of Getting Grants

So, you have done your research, and you are ready to start applying for grants. Good for you! You are making a great decision! The first, and most important step, is making the decision to look for grants, and starting on the road to changing your life! Now, you might be thinking “How can I increase my odds of receiving a grant?” This is a very good and valid question. Well, today we are here to give you some tips to help increase the likelihood of getting approved for a grant!

Here are a few tips that will help you to increase your chances of being approved for a grant!


Tip 1: Be Prepared.

When you are ready to apply for your grant, be prepared. Have all of your information handy. Don’t rush through the application process. Take your time, fill out all information completely and appropriately. Don’t leave anything out, and make sure to fill in all the blanks. This may seem like an obvious step, but you have no idea how many people make some sort of silly, inadvertent mistake and therefore, never have their grant approved. By being prepared, and filling out your application slowly and completely, you can improve your odds. If you need advice on how to apply for grants, such as the FAFSA, click here to see a great video on how to apply. This video can also be found at : It is very easy to understand, and very helpful for people who might be needing some assistance.


Tip 2: Do Your Research.

The different rules and prerequisite factors for each and every grant are different and can vary greatly between grants. You need to do the research and make sure that you qualify for the grant before you even begin to apply. You might have to go the extra mile to make sure that you meet the qualifications, but it is better than wasting your time and energy to apply only to find out that you really shouldn’t have applied at all. Just make sure to learn all the rules and eligibility factors that you need to know.


Tip 3:  Be Honest.

This is a very important, and often overlooked tip. Always be completely and totally honest when you are filling out grant applications, and such. Never ask for more money than you need, and never, ever lie about your circumstances. In each case, verifications of all of your facts will be done. They will check up on you and make sure you are telling the truth. You do not want to jeopardize your chance to get any grants because you were dishonest. So, no matter what, always be honest when filling out a grant application. (Being honest in any situation is always a good rule of thumb, now isn’t it?)


Tip 4: Broaden Your Horizons.

Don’t just apply for one grant. Apply for as many as you possibly can, public or private. It’s just basic common sense here: the more applications you fill out, the better your chance of one being approved. As moms like to say: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!”. Fill out and apply for as many grants as possible. Big ones, small ones, public ones, private ones. As many as you can find! Help your odds as much as you can! This might in the long run, make for more work, but it will improve your chances of getting a grant approval!


Tip 5: Enlist Help.

Ask for help! Anyone that you can think of! Bring them into your grant application process! Your friends, your spouse, school advisers, business owners. If you can find someone else who has ever been approved from a grant in the past, be sure to enlist their help and have them give you some guidance along the way on how to best navigate this sometimes confusing world! Use any resources you might have at your disposal! Have friends and coworkers give their opinions, help edit and proofread your grant application. Start looking at everyone you meet as potential helpers in your quest to receive a government grant! Your boss and community leaders can be exceptionally helpful in situations such as this!


Tip 6: Know What They Want.

This might not work when applying for a big, large scale public grant, but in the case of applying for a small scale, privately operated grant program, you should know the grant administrator and what they want. Call them or email them if you have any questions. Research them and their views. Make sure your goals and plans, match theirs. If you are on the same page and have the same ideas as the grant administrators, than your chances will be greatly increased. If they see you as an ally, a person on their team, they will be more likely to think that you are the right choice. Know their core values, their goals for the grant, and what they would like to see the grant accomplish. Then fit your application to meet those standards as well.


These tips are all great ways to increase your odds of receiving a grant. Applying for a grant is a great first step, but you have to be prepared. You have to be ready, you have to do your research. Getting a grant isn’t something you can blindly go into and expect to win at! Think of it as a job, a mission, if you will. Do everything you can within your power to make sure that your grant will be approved. I can’t tell you that by following these steps will make sure that you get a grant. But, I can tell you that by following the tips we have listed here, your chances will be better than they would be otherwise. As always, stay strong, stay motivated, and no matter what, don’t give up! You are on the verge of changing your life!



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