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Grants for Women

The United States Government is very aware that women are still disadvantaged as far as careers and education is concerned. They have made many grants for women available to correct these discrepancies. Women still bear the brunt of gender discrimination and sometimes harassment. Yet, it is the women who have to combine bringing up children, running a home and following a career. In the cases of divorce and single motherhood, the women have to step up and also be the breadwinner of the family. The coming generation will depend on women’s success today, to succeed in life also. It is therefore very important for women to make the best of every opportunity offered, and to make sure they get the best education available to help them succeed.

We are very fortunate in the United States, because our Government has chosen to invest in women by making specific grants for women available. Women are extremely creative, industrious and intelligent. When these attributes when combined with natural female sensitivity and intuitive abilities, make for excellent entrepreneurs. If you are a woman, think about your gifts and talents and what possibilities could be available to you. Let your imagination run wild and see what you come up with. Don’t make excuses as to why your dreams and aspirations should not be possible. Seriously consider applying for grants for women. They might just make it possible for you to step up a notch in life too.

The Difference Between a Grant and a Loan

It is important at this stage to clarify the difference between a grant and a loan. You need to know what your financial obligations will be before applying for a grant or loan.


A Grant is a sum of money awarded for a specific use or activity. It is usually of reasonably short duration, typically the time required for colledge education. It is not indefinite financial support.

In order to be awarded a grant, you will have to meet all the criteria of the donor of the funding.

Grants are not repayable, but have to be shown to be used for the purpose for which they were intended.

Government awards grants individually for furthering or completing education in particular.

They do not award many other specific individual grants, but they do award grants to many other organizations who then administer individual grants for many purposes from those funds.

The money for grants usually comes largely from State, county or city budgets, and non profit organizations, not directly from Federal Government. Many bigCompanies or businesses and specific interest groups sponsor grants also.

The Benefits of a Grant

  • No paying back
  • No credit checks
  • No legal commitments
  • No dangers of bankruptcy


A Loan is also a sum of money awarded for a certain purpose, but, the difference is that you are expected to pay the money back over time.

A loan can be financed over a longer period of time.

Loans are most useful for:

  • Furthering education so that you can improve your chances of a better paying job after completion
  • Starting a business enterprise

Disadvantages of a loan

  1. Credit checks will be required
  2. A legal contract will be signed
  3. You will be obligated to fulfil the terms of the contract or you will be held liable
  4. If your business does not succeed you will be declared bankrupt

Scholarships for women

Scholarships for women have been designed to close the gap between men in women in the higher paid and executive jobs that men traditionally enjoy. Many of the scholarships are specifically aimed at getting women into leadership positions after completing college. If a woman has already demonstrated leadership or entrepreneurial qualities in or after school, she would be a likely candidate for such a scholarship.

Scholarships are also available to successful students who have already completed a degree, in order to encourage them to study further.

Women who return to college after some years, either to complete their education or for career advancement, are another group who are often successful in being awarded scholarships.

Scholarships can also be awarded for Trade School.

The huge advantage of a scholarship is that, like a grant, it is not repayable.

The fields where women are not often employed, or where there is a shortage of manpower, now enjoy scholarship funding specifically for women. These include:

  • The science, maths, computer science, technology and engineering fields so women gifted in these areas utilize their talents and are not lost to society.
  • Academic scholarships are awarded on merit
  • Doctors, dentists and related medical fields
  • Educational grants for women who are financially unable to complete their studies, especially single mothers supporting a family, are one of the first to receive grants or scholarships from Government.

Business Loans for Women

It is a documented fact that more women make a success of business than men. An amazing half million women start their own businesses in the US each year. Women are literally exploding into the business world market, and making a huge success of it too!

State Development Agencies process loan applications for businesses. Federal Government does not process business loan funding. Business loans for women have to be paid back. there are 100% free federal grants women avialabe nowdays.

When applying for a business loan, you will have to be very specific about your plans, projections, the feasibility of success for your business etc. You should remember to include the following points in your application:

  • Summarise an overview of your business and the product or service you provide
  • Lay out the structure of your business and your planning for the future
  • Give a financial review showing profit margins
  • Name your target market, the specific strategies you are using/intend using to give you the edge over possible business rivals, and your potential for growth
  • Know your competition in the area
  • Be specific about the amount of loan money you need and your reasons for each item listed(equipment, extra staff, enlargement of premises etc).

Government Grant funding provides a massive $300 Billion to assist business women to succeed. Any direct Government funding is usually granted to help expand businesses that employ a number of people and are already successful. Most of the funding money is, however, channelled through other women’s organizations. These organizations then offer grants to smaller entrepreneurs and those who are starting out in business, to help them reach their dreams. You would naturally have to tell them something about yourself and your business idea before they would consider awarding a grant to you.

This is literally “free money” that could just be the push you need to really get started in business. The businesses that are helped include home based and online businesses.

College Grants for Women

Many college grants are actually administered by the colleges themselves. Government funding forms the bulk of the funding, but it is augmented through college fundraising activities and private donations also. College grants make it possible for even the poorest women to get a college education. The grants are not, however, continued if performance is not up to standard. Women get a great chance for education, but have to be dedicated and serious students in order to continue to benefit from the grants.

Many private women’s colleges financially assist up to 40% of their students to some degree.

Government Grants for Women

There are an amazing variety of Federal Grants available specifically for women. Women who have been abused, who are single mothers or who are destitute enjoy priority as far as grants go. This definitely does not mean that if you are a woman and do not fall into any of these categories, that you cannot also be awarded a grant.

Grants are available for

  • Furthering education
  • Starting or expanding a business
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Science and technology
  • Housing and many other things
  • There are even grants for Women over 50! (Scholarships and carees grants)
  • Grandmothers raising grandchildren
  • Grants for Low-Income Women
  • Grants for women Starting businesses
  • Grants for women and minorities ( grants)
  • Grants for single mothers (Include housing grants for single women)
  • Personal Assistance Grants
  • Single women grants (Include business grants for single women)

As long as you are female, able to work and have goals, imagination and drive, you can apply for, and be awarded a grant.

All of the above are FREE grants for women!

Try to search in google for: Federal Grants Women or Federal Government Grants Women for more fresh information about those grants

Business Grants for Women

Those grants also know as “grants for women entrepreneurs” and “Grants for Women Business Owners”

You can find information how to Apply for Business Grants in the following:

  • Website
  • Grants
  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)
  • The Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO)
  • Non-Profit/Private Organizations (Known as private grants for women)


Most of the Federal Grant allocations are awarded to registered non-profit making organizations whose aim is to help women. Each organization which gets grant money is held responsible for and has to answer to strict criteria. They have to have a good administrative track record. The grants are withdrawn if the criteria are not met.

Applying for a Scholarship, Grant or Loan for Women

Make sure:

  • You fulfil all the required criteria.
  • You apply in good time
  • You know exactly what you want and how you are intending to achieve it
  • You know what your specific needs will be before applying
  • Be preparedto answer any questions you might be asked in the interview.


There are many thousands of Federal programs and grants for women. They are available to assist ordinary women with a variety of personal needs, ambitions or dreams. You can actually apply for as many grants for women as you want or need. An example would be grants to cover household

expenses, caring for children and housing while studying. If you feel you, as a woman, could improve your prospects for the future with a little help, you should think of applying for the grants for women that are available. It would be well worth a try.

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